Radiology Billing

For many years, Medical Information Management (MIM) provided billing services exclusively for radiology practices. Our core discipline is radiology billing. We have mature processes and a vast repository of knowledge to leverage for future success. We stay active within the radiology industry on topics that are of specific concern:

We understand how critical it is to have the proper technology. MIM utilizes ADP AdvancedMD® and sophisticated proprietary software to automate all the administrative tasks surrounding the coding process.

We understand the importance of Denial Management Reporting due to no-authorizations, and of feeding this information back to the front end of the process. We understand the value of Referral Practice Reporting to see why top referring physicians have suddenly fallen off pace or why new ones have come on the scene. We understand the necessity of Collection vs. Contract Reporting to ensure that the money collected from your contracted insurances meets the amount agreed to in your contracts.

We understand the need for a human touch, of having a live person answer the phone and talk to your patient about billing concerns and why they received two bills for one MRI performed at the hospital.

We understand. We understand radiology.